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Executive Summary

Key events in market

May was a strong month for both equities and fixed income markets. Investor sentiment remains highly sensitive to interest rate expectations, with markets still anticipating cuts this year, albeit with some divergence in timing between the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. Indicators of activity have surprised with Europe showing improvement in economic growth whilst Japan and the US generally have slowed down, but labour markets remains tight.

Key performance & positioning updates

The Fund showed a strong absolute and relative return, outperforming its benchmark by over 40bp (ICE BofAML Eurodollar Index). The portfolio benefited from positive contributions from all sources of return with most bonds showing positive returns. Emerging markets generally outperformed. The Fund continues to show that credit and country selections is essential in a market of tight spreads.

Market Update

After a pause in April, the stock market rally resumed in May. The MSCI World All Countries Index rose 4.1% for the month, bringing its year-to-date gain to 9.1%. The performance of global equity markets is significant because it occurred while market participants further reduced expectations of interest rate cuts by major central banks. In fact, government bond yields remained close to 2024 highs. The upward trend in yields was more evident in Europe than in the US and this contributed to the recovery of European currencies against the US dollar, whose trade weighted index lost about 1.5% in the month.

The favourable surprises on corporate earnings published in recent weeks have given impetus to stock markets. Once again, the technology giants led the pack, but reported earnings exceeded expectations by a wide margin in other sectors and constituencies as well, including the financial sector and Europe. Furthermore, the guidance given by companies supports the expectation that the earnings trend should remain robust in the second half of the year.

The upward revision to expected GDP growth at a global level also supports this view. The improved outlook reflects not only the better-than-expected data for the first quarter of the year but also encouraging signs emerging from the most recent economic surveys, particularly in the manufacturing sector. It is not surprising that this translates into improved growth prospects especially in Europe and Asia since here the industrial sectors have a greater relative weight than in the US.

Fund Performance & Positioning

The Fund showed a strong return on an absolute and relative basis during May, outperforming its benchmark (ICE BofAML Eurodollar Index) by over 40bp mainly due to region and security selection. The Fund also closely followed the JPM EMBI Investment Grade Index, not only during May, but for what we have seen of this year. All sources of return were positive during the month, with the main contribution coming from interest rates and carry.

Although inflation has been stubborn, economic activity has started to show signs of weakness, especially when much of the recent growth has been directly linked to higher government spending. Investors are giving the US the benefit of the doubt given it is an election year, but these deficit numbers are starting to get scary. Interest rates reacted to the data with a tightening in US Treasuries of 18bp in the 10yr part of the curve, with a small steepening of the curve. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the month is how spreads continue to tighten after 14 months of a trend that does not seem to stop. Spreads at the benchmark level ended 2bp tighter than last month, nearly at the lowest level of the past 15 years. Emerging markets moved similarly, however showing signs of widening in the last few days of the month. Within the Fund, high quality long duration bonds like PIF 2053, Qatar 2048 and Chile 2042 – all in our top 10 positions- were amongst the best performers. The Fund’s exposure to developed market financials also performed well, although there has been some trimming activity in the sector as valuations become fair.

We have been consistent in our positioning this year with a preference for credit risk in the short part of the curve, combined with interest rate duration. This barbell strategy gives, we believe, the best of both credit and duration risk in an environment of tight spreads, AN inverted curve, and overall attractive yields. By keeping the BBB exposure in the shorter duration bucket, carry most likely will offset any move in spreads, when/if they widen, whilst the longer duration in A to AAA names should serve as a hedge against negative surprises and outperform if either growth deteriorates or political volatility increases. The Fund also continues to show a preference for quasi sovereigns over government bonds in emerging markets, with the most recent trade being replacement of Chile mid duration for Chile electricity 2033.

New Capital Wealthy Nations Bond Fund ICE BofAML Eurodollar Index Difference
1 Month +2.15% +1.73% +0.42%
3 Month +0.85% +0.54% +0.31%
6 Month +4.63% +2.96% +1.67%
YTD -0.25% -0.77% +0.52%
1Yr +4.29% +4.05% +0.24%
3Yr Annualized -5.07% -2.35% -2.72%
5Yr Annualized -0.57% +0.96% -1.53%
Since inception annualized +3.68% +3.16% +0.52%
Since inception 18.09.2009 +70.17% +57.98% +12.19%

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future. The value of your investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise as a result of market as well as currency fluctuations and you may not get back the full amount invested. Fund performance is net of fees and representative of the USD I Inc Share Class and shows a maximum of five previous calendar years and current year to date (computed on a NAV to NAV basis). Where share class inception begins prior to the five previous years the chart has been rebased to 100. Where the Fund has fewer than five full years of performance, returns are shown from the inception date. Source: EFG Asset Management, Bloomberg.  As at 31 May 2024.


By just looking at spreads and equity performance you would believe we are in a very high growth momentum environment, and economic growth has continuously surprised to the upside in recent years. However, activity indicators are starting to show signs of weakness and while some investors will be quick to find an explanation and ignore it as a one-off, we believe we should be more cautious, particularly at these levels of spreads.

The recessionary risk that most economists expected last year has been postponed or potentially avoided, however with spreads this tight, it is not costly to have a quality bias and protect yourself against a faster than anticipated growth deterioration. Especially when we have seen that most growth has been linked to public sector spending. We have seen a significant decrease in spreads on absolute levels but especially on relative levels, with differentials between high yield and investment grade spreads at the lowest of the past 10 years. As spreads tighten investors might be tempted to chase yield and add credit risk. We believe the opposite to be a better strategy, as with uncertainty, spreads in lower rate buckets might eat up returns faster than in higher quality. The symmetry of returns for investment grade credit looks highly attractive.

Moreover, we believe the Fund’s investment process will be critical in selecting which countries to invest, but maybe even more importantly which countries to avoid. The debt risk is high. For the past 20 years, but especially since Covid, debt has increased significantly and the number of countries showing large negative deficits is at record levels. Rising rates will put pressure on borrowers who have over leveraged in an era of easy liquidity, but if that liquidity dries up either triggered by domestic or external factors, that economy will be in great difficulty to attract capital particularly in a low growth scenario. The “flight to quality” happens fast and we believe it is now perfect timing to start paying attention as the market is still not pricing in a difference between a “wealthy” country and one that is not.

With stubborn inflation, investors are apprehensive about duration, but not all duration is bad. We continue to run an overweight duration relative to the benchmark, but lower to investment grade emerging markets to give a better balance of returns. We strongly believe that rates are more likely than not to be lower in the next 12-24 months and that spreads are more likely than not to be wider in the next 12-24 months. Under that view, investment grade bonds show as an attractive proposition, with an attractive base yield and moderate volatility, should a downside scenario arise. We believe the Fund’s bias towards quality both from a credit rating perspective but also from a country selection perspective are crucial and will likely help outperform other investment grade on a goldilocks scenario, but most importantly on a more severe and less positive one. Relative value ideas and active management become more important when spreads are tight as there is little room for error.



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